RIP Grandma Helen

Today I am hugging my loved ones a little tighter. Yesterday morning my Grandma Helen passed away. It was expected, and my one aunt was able to be by her side and the rest of my family was able to be at the hospital very shortly after that. This is the closest relative I have experienced pass away, and I am not super affected at the moment because at age 91, I can’t remember having a real conversation with her for a long time. However, I remember her being one of the funniest people I know, so sweet and smiley. One time I said “Grandma, you and I have the same nose!” to which she quickly retorted “No, yours is bigger.” And she cared for us grandchildren so well. Every Friday evening when we would see her, she would offer us sweets after sweets (my favorite being Pop-Tarts at 9:00 at night). She would also make us hot chocolate in a Batman and Robin mug, with whipped cream on the top, but only after pouring it into four different cups so the water would cool off.

Everything in her house was old fashioned–from the old radiators to the stained glass windows to the tiny gas stove. Many many family memories were made there, and I will cherish knowing her in the home she grew up in, raised my dad in, and loved us in.

The Lord has been a great comfort in this time, bringing peace and knowledge that He called her home to with Him–I sure can’t argue with that. I feel so Blessed to be a part of the family I am. I will never want for support or love, and the greatest gift they have given me is the gift of knowledge of our Lord and His Church. My grandmother was a great matriarch for so many years, and I sure hope and pray I grow up to be as strong and independent as she, and as diligent about teaching my children the Faith.

0594-1 (1)This picture very accurately depicts her-although instead of a beer, a cup of coffee would be more fitting, as she had one with every meal, every day.

Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. We love you, Grandma Helen!