Siena & Co.

Siena & Co. encompasses the designs and creations by Catherine Huss. She started by learning to sew with commercial patterns, making custom dresses and religious vestments for clients, and studied Fashion Design in college.

The Siena & Co. aesthetic is modern and trendy yet feminine and classy. The designs strive to highlight a woman’s feminine beauty and reveal not just her body, but rather the whole person. Clothing is and has been a perfect way to express the person and personality of each individual woman. Siena & Co. only promotes this idea.

Siena & Co. strives to promote the dignity of the human person by being produced in humane work environments at just wages. Ten percent of all proceeds will be donated to special causes. The causes may include but are not limited to:



Dress for Success

Vespers at Lourdes

Catherine is now taking orders for custom work. She specializes in women’s dresses (bridal, bridesmaid, special occasion, everyday) and Catholic priest’s vestments (cassocks, surplices, clerical shirts, chasubles, etc.) But she is open to work with you for any request. As of now, she is limited to working with those in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area, or those who are willing to travel to the Twin Cities.


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