How to be dating in six months or your money back…

I’m a little behind on this saga but new advancements today were the catalyst I needed to write this blog series.

Ever since I can remember, since kindergarten at least when I had my first kiss (on the cheek counts, right?), I have wanted to find a wicked handsome guy to get married to. College was particularly a struggle because in high school when I didn’t find anyone worthy of taking me to prom, much less being my boyfriend, I was convinced I would meet my future husband on my first day of college and we’d fall madly in love and get married the day after graduation. Clearly I had it all worked out.

Well when they didn’t happen I was at a loss for what to do. And then when I was only pursued a couple times throughout my four years of college, both of which ended not terribly amicably, I again was at a loss for what to do. I pride myself on being incredibly independent, and a confident initiator, and yet long for a man to pursue me and show how much I’m worth it.  As you can imagine this can come off contradictory and has certainly gotten me in trouble in my dating life.

I was two years out of college and made no more progress toward my life goal of getting married until 6 months ago my dating life took an incredible jump in activity and it isn’t slowing down any time soon. This is largely in part due to a book my brother recommended I check out. How to find a date worth keeping is written by Christian psychologist Dr. Henry Cloud. Through his several years of research, speaking engagements and spending quality time with young singles and newlyweds, he has come up with a theory about finding a spouse and in turn a 6 month “dating program” for singles to partake in to grow as a person while seeking a future spouse.

I have committed to working through this dating program and will be recording my experiences here. I will change all of the suitors names so they can remain anonymous.

Welcome to the journey.

Business Casual for the Rest of Us.

“Why are there still all these rules about dress? Isn’t this the age of self-expression and comfort?” It may be, but must we throw all traditions and conventions out the window? Especially the worth-while ones! When we put time and effort into our appearance, we will not only care more about the event we attend, but that will show others that we care based on the time and effort we put in as well. Here are a few quick guides when business casual dress is necessary:


1. Up top, wear a blouse or sweater. If you can make fitted t-shirts of the dressier nature work, work it.

Drapey raglan sweatshirt

2. You can either dawn dress pants (khakis are great) or a skirt, but leave the jeans and shorts at home.

3. Dresses are always great, but remember you’re not going to the club or the beach.


4. Shoes can really make it or break it. Obviously you want them to be cute, but make sure you can comfortably walk in them.

A simple rule of thumb about modesty is if you’re uncomfortable wearing something around a priest, it might be time to pick a new outfit.


1. Up top, wear a collared shirt (polo or long-sleeved) and it should be tucked in.

long-sleeve classic piqué polo

2. Dress pants are a must (khakis are great) but leave the swooshy cargo pants, jeans and shorts at home.

3. Technically if your pants have belt-loops, they are meant to be used, but this is no longer a social norm. But we don’t wanna see no “pants on the ground,” so make sure they stay up.

4. Ties are optional, unless your name is Ben Vasko.

5. And finally men, invest in some good quality dress shoes. They totally finish the look and you will wear them for years to come. Boat shoes are probably okay for CS Leadership Interns, but unless you work at J. Crew or on a boat, I don’t think your employer will appreciate them.

Unlisted® Men's "Trick Start" Dress Shoe - Cognac

Can’t wait to see you all lookin’ fly!

Who said the “Total Consecration” has to be boring?

I’m back from an unintended hiatus. I can’t promise I will post as often as I used to, but I hope this won’t be the last you hear from me. However, this is probably going to be my last in the series of “Who said…” posts, but I think it might be my favorite…

My time in college has really taught me a lot about the diversity of the human race. We all have different hobbies, interests, personalities, temperaments and vocations. Similarly, I think we all have different types of spiritualities and the way we express those can be very different. The Church is composed of many charisms and spiritualities to aid Christians in following Jesus Christ. For example, we have the Charismatic Renewal, Opus Dei, Legatus, Schoenstatt, and Communion and Liberation, just to name a few. I have tried many of these, but have yet to find one that fits just right.

I was talking to someone the other day and he mentioned another opportunity: The Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary by St. Louis Marie de Montfort. This is a resolution to offer everything in your life: your thoughts, actions, words, prayers, joys and sufferings to the Lord by laying them at the feet of Mama Mary. I heard asking our Blessed Mother for her intercession once referred to as being like a stained glass window. When we offer things to the Lord by ourselves, our petitions are there, but can be kind of dull. But when you offer it to Jesus through Mary, our prayers are magnified and beautified like light which has passed through a stained glass window.

At the end of the 33 days of preparation, which always ends on a Marian Feast day, you then are Totally Consecrated. Most people choose to wear a chain-link bracelet around their wrist as a reminder of the commitment. So I thought, as I so often do, why not spice it up and engage the culture? I have compiled a couple great, feminine options for this chain link bracelet. No doubt people will compliment you on it, and some will notice you wear the same one every day. What a perfect opportunity to engage in conversation with people about the Total Consecration, the Blessed Mother and the saints, or just the faith in general?




Chain and Gummy Bracelet from ASOS $5

Chain and Gummy Bracelet from ASOS $5



Red Silk Chain Bracelet from Jill Michael Jewelry $16

Red Silk Chain Bracelet from Jill Michael Jewelry $16



Hot Pink Chain Bracelet from Ooh La Luxe $8.50

Hot Pink Chain Bracelet from Ooh La Luxe $8.50