Tailored Jacket

The first project we had this past semester in my “Advanced Construction Methods” class was a tailored jacket. It definitely was the most difficult project I have completed to date. I used a Vogue pattern for the first time. I liked it, but it definitely lived up to its Vogue reputation: having lots of pattern pieces and lots of detail. We had to choose a wool fabric because that tailors the best (it really holds the shape you manipulate). It took us a month, but I really learned a lot, and now really understand why a good, well-fitted, quality jacket/blazer is the price-point it is.

Line Art

This is the inside of the lapels. That whitish fabric is called “horse-hair canvas” and it is a very rough, stiff type of interfacing used in jackets to help shape the lapels and collar. It was hand sewn to the under collar every 1/4th of an inch and this alone took me a good 16 hours. Talk about a labor of love.

We had to make our own shoulder-pads.

The inside is lined with a pink rayon.

Jacket: Vogue Pattern, Necklace: New York and Company, Skirt: Old Navy, Shoes: Target

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To do or not to do: The Strapless Dress

I am all about wearing skirts and dresses to Mass on Sundays when possible. However, the jury is still out in many Catholic circles about the modesty of a strapless dress. I have lots of friends who have no qualms about wearing a strapless dress, even for a wedding, and I have many friends who wouldn’t wear a strapless dress in front of their husband (okay maybe an exaggeration but you get the picture). Until this past semester I would have definitely said I am not a proponent of the strapless dress, however I am now open to considering it.

The final project for my tailoring class was to make a strapless dress–this way we would learn the skills to produce the inner structure of a garment that would keep a strapless dress up. And I must say, one of my biggest problems with strapless dresses is that they are so often not flattering–they just don’t fit. But seeing this strapless dress on me, made for me and fitted perfectly, it is much more flattering and covers a lot more than I initially thought.



I can’t foresee me wearing a strapless dress anytime soon, so I have come up with a couple ways I would wear this dress. Whether you have inherited a strapless dress and you are against them, or you are fine with wearing a strapless dress but want to keep warm this winter–check out these styling options.

Blazer and Costume Jewelry


Cardigan and Belt


Oversized Scarf


What are your thoughts on the strapless dress?

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