Fashion, basketball and…men.

Three of my favorite things, of course. In fact, until I wanted to be a fashion designer, I wanted to be the first woman in the NBA. Unfortunately, my genes and lack of motivation said otherwise.

My brother, who blogs over at JamTime, sent me a link, asking me to comment. The image below is of Russel Westbook, Oklahoma NBA star, and apparently fashion risk-taker.


My initial thought was Hmm, this looks familiar…


Do you think they have the same stylist?

My second thought was I never talk about men’s fashion, so this might be a good chance to challenge myself and branch out a bit.

I think a lot of what applies to women’s fashion is true across the board. Color, proportion, fit, emphasis, continuity and balance, etc. are essential for a well put together outfit whether you qualify for the WNBA or the NBA.

However, here are a couple men’s fashion specifics that every guy can keep in his toolbox.

  • Make sure your tie fits. A common misconception is that ties are one-size fits all, and usually from my experience, men choose a tie that is too long. Here is a great visual to help with this.
  • Your neutral base color should be consistent throughout the outfit. For example, it wouldn’t make sense to have a black tie, brown belt, navy blue pants and camel colored shoes. No. Pick one and stick with it. It will flow better, look more put together and not be distracting.
  • Speaking of belts, as my dad always said “If your pants have belt loops, wear a belt.” Simple as that.
  • Finally, I have realized this semester that a clean shaven face (and haircut for that matter) is greatly underrated. By putting in the extra time, effort and therefore care, you look prepared and invested in whatever event, meeting, date you may be attending.
  • But in the end, do you. There is nothing worse, for man or woman, than giving into a fad that isn’t you. Stay true to and be yourself and you will look your best.

Besides the fact that Westbrook looks like he’s going to his son’s Easter themed bowling party, his clothes fit, there is continuity and complementary in the colors and he has a clean shaven face. I grant Mr. Westbrook a B+.

And don’t forget…



  1. I Huss (@isaacdunk) · April 13, 2013

    1. “His son’s Easter bowling party” lol
    2. When you are seeing guys with ties that don’t seem to fit, 9/10 simply don’t tie it correctly/well
    3. Clean haircuts and shaven faces are overrated


  2. mary zdon · April 17, 2013

    I love that girls color choices and they both look rather Eastery to me. I am getting a little tired of the “Don Johnson” day old beard growth look which still seems to be a must for the manly man look…and unfortunately it does make some guys look better while making other guys look dirty-faced and like they just got out of bed.


  3. Before I even red the replies I thought IH might comment on the haircut and clean shaven tip (especially as of late). That being said, everything else is quite agreeable. Nicely done. Finally, IH nailed the whole not tying the tie correctly.


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