Who said “Businesses” have to be boring?

Here’s my third article in my “Who said…?” series. Check it out over at Twin Cities Catholic–it’s a spotlight on the great things one of my best friends Lindsey Landgraf is doing. Check her out here!


A recent trend in businesses is the mission to give back. These companies provide quality products while serving the less fortunate with their proceeds. You’ve seen it done popularly with Toms Shoes©, and a local start up is doing just that. “Hope Headbands” is making a beautiful product while giving back and helping those in need.

Lindsey Landgraf, a student at the University of St. Thomas, started Hope Headbands in 2011. She got the idea when she decided to make Christmas gifts for all her friends, and people liked them so much she decided to sell them. Then, after plans to travel to South Africa to volunteer at an orphanage, she chose to use the money she made from the headbands to give to the orphanage. When she finally arrived in South Africa, she met the women there and quickly grew to love them. She had a great desire to somehow help these women, and she knew just how to do it with the headbands. Over the four months Lindsey was in Capetown, South Africa, she taught a group of women there how to make the headbands. Now the headbands get shipped to the US, and all the proceeds go back to the women who handcraft these works of art.

With each headband and its maker comes a story. You can read and learn about each woman who makes the headbands on the website. These women rejoice at being able to raise money for themselves and their families, and they have fun letting the creative juices flow. Also, the headbands are a sustainable endeavor, as all the fabrics and beads used have been recycled and donated.



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