What I Wore Sunday: Winter Wonderland

With the cold snowy/sleety winter weather here in Minnesota acting very Minnesota-like, I thought it was high time to bring out my new white coat and my new rain boots–the first pair I have owned but so glad I now finally do. I guess today is a day of new things because my glasses are new too! Feeling so very Blessed to be able to treat myself after all my long hard hours of work. (I would also like to point out that I got the coat for 50% off because of the winter sale, 15% off that because I had a code for signing up for the e-mail list, and I got 10% back for using my Discover Card. Awesome).

What is your favorite piece of outerwear to stay warm?

DSCN2746 DSCN2747 DSCN2748

Glasses: Zenni Optical, Coat: Express, Leggings: Thrifted, Boots: Target

I have been reading the book “Breaking Through: Catholic Women Speak for Themselves.” It is made up of several essays written by women who at one point had difficulties with a particular teaching or aspect of the Catholic faith, and through various revelations and experiences they have come to embrace them. How fitting that today I read the essay titled “Beauty, Bounty, Balance: Avoiding the Hazards of Having.” Mrs. Hallan FioRito recounts a time when she came to own a used Lexus but was really embarrassed and self-consious that people would think of her as a hypocrite–claiming to be a Christian but owning nice, expensive things. She came to realize that nice things are a gift from the Lord that we should accept and use joyfully. What matters is where your desires, priorities and faith lies, and how you use the gifts you have been given. She also pointed out that many saints had money and desires for clothing, fashion, nice things, etc. I encourage you to pick up the book at the library if you have any extra time!

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  1. Shannon · January 28, 2013

    I love my tartan wool scarves for keeping warm. I really need a new coat. Your winter-white one is fantastic, but I really need a hood. What do you do to keep your head warm but not destroy your hair?


  2. Cassandra D. · January 28, 2013

    Shannon (hope you don’t mind if I interject, Catherine), ASOS has hooded scarves that are perfect for keeping warm without destroying your hair. They’re cute. -And they ship for free 🙂

    Catherine – love the coat, love the boots, love it all, love it.


  3. cleiter92 · January 28, 2013

    Great coat!!! What a steal! I love my fur, high-heel boots and white knit mittens. Thanks for the book reco too! You rock.


  4. Audrey 'Huss' Charba · January 28, 2013

    Excellent proportions! I can’t believe how tall you look in that ensemble ;p


  5. Mary · January 28, 2013

    Stunning. Love the coat! Love it!!


  6. Deme · January 28, 2013

    That coat is AMAZING!! And even more amazing that you scored such a great deal on it. And the boots are fantastic too. You can’t go wrong with black and winter white!


  7. Stephanie · January 28, 2013

    Those boots are adorable; so classic! Love your glasses, too–I’m in the market for a new pair, and can’t decide if I’m bold enough for black frames. You look amazing!


    • Catherine Huss · January 28, 2013

      Thank you, Stephanie! This pair is actually brown, but they do come in black as well. This was the first time I ordered glasses online and I don’t think I will do it again, too many unknowns of fit, prescription, style, etc.


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